Continuing the journey of our ancestors ...




   Chidambara Nadar family came from a small village called  kalpothu which is located near by sivaksai  of Kamarajar District of Viruthunagar.

KCPC  Shop

   Kalpothu Chidambara Nadar Son of Palaniappa Nadar son Chidambara Nadar our grandfather come to Srivilliputtur and worked in a Textile shop after some days with his brother Sankarlinga Nadar starts a Steel, Electrical and timber shop Sankarlinga Nadar and Bros. as a partnership firm in 93, Nethaji road, Srivilliputtur of Kamarajar District with CPC Premier motar as delars and After the Sankarlinga Nadar Passed away, Shop has been changed in to KCP Chidambara Nadar and Sons as a partnership firm of 4 Persons, Kcpc Sekar, Kcpc Muthurajan,Kcpc Raja and with lead by KCP Chidambara Nadar and in mid of 1985 our father and chitappa’s plan to start VA traders which Deals with Cement and Iron with sankar cement and Arasu Cements Dealers and some Electrical works and  doing  Contract Works and Over head tank project in Twad board and in Near by surrounding panjayat unions .

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